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Awkward Posture 7/5: A Random Act

So! The story of the Reservoir Dogs production:

It was, I think, freshman year of college.  Maybe sophomore.  The theater department seniors wanted to go out on a high note by putting on a production independent of the official department spring show (there was a lot of inter-department drama.  The tech director had been passed over on the department chair and instead was supposed to be subservient to a well-meaning woman who was widely perceived as a carpetbagger {thanks in no small part to the cigarette-filtered commentary of the tech director}.  The upperclassmen all were in the pocket of the tech director they’d known for three years, and the freshmen looked at the department vs. the cool seniors and widely followed the seniors).  It was a partially a display of punkish rejection of the department head’s vision, partially a victory lap for a very talented class, and partially a moment when Reservoir Dogs was really big.

But mostly a rejection of the department head before the tech director left in disgust.

Anyway, I was completing a year filled with that movie.  I got it on my first college trip, watched it a billion times over the semesters, for a communication project I built a fan website, got the soundtrack for Christmas (and in a misguided effort at inclusion, tried to show it to the family for New Year), and when the play was announced we ALL wanted in.  It just seemed obvious to me that I had to be in it and I remember, specifically, a conversation on the Kappa Delta deck where Ted, Fletcher, and I where discussing what parts we should get.  Obviously we were meant to get lead roles.  Ted would be Mr. White.  Fletch was a bit of spaz, so personally we’d like him to be Mr. Pink, but maybe he could be Yellow with the help of some hair gel and big sunglasses.

And, at some point, my skinny Irish ass got it into my head that I could somehow gain 30 pounds of swagger and be Nice Guy Eddie.

Nice Guy Eddie is played by Chris Penn, weights easily a hundred pounds more than me, and is about a thousand times more intimidating.  I think I was thinking about how we both have the same hair.

Something about the ridiculous pretension in my casting ideas, no matter how many beers I might’ve had, still makes me feel stupid.  Almost as stupid as when I fell asleep on stage.

I got the role of Mr. Blue.  I had two lines, which was a relief.  See, that was at the tail end of a long goddamn semester.  Between classes, clubs, and ridiculous extracurriculars like a production of Reservoir Dogs, I was getting an average of maybe four hours sleep a night.

I spent a long time on stage despite those only two lines.  And so it came that on the second night of the run I was on stage, watching people talk, utterly exhausted, and at some point my brain slid from participant to observer.  And so I was watching, enraptured, because they were doing a great job doing this script, for free (because we couldn't get the script if we had to pay for it, so it was purely a labor of love), when all of a sudden the show stopped.  It just… well, stopped.  There was a sweaty pause, probably not as perceptible to the audience as it was quickly, quickly becoming to us in the cast.

Which was when I realized I was still in the cast.  And we were all waiting on my second damn line.  My second damn line.

What was it?  Oh yeah.

“I don-” I began…

“Who cares what your name is?!” yelled the guy playing Nice Guy Eddie, trying to cover for me.  Which was nice, except he also had the responding to my line.

Actually, that was pretty embarrassing, too.  Made for an uncomfortable couple of shows, too.


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Jul. 11th, 2011 04:04 pm (UTC)
OMFG. I *TOTALLY* remember this show. I think I saw it every night you guys did it!! This was really at the height of my Andy Miller phase.

This was also the show when Ted's mother cornered me in the bathroom and asked me if he really swore that much in real life. :/ I stammered out some randomly sort of sane sounding answer and then ran.

Man. I love that you posted this. It brought back a flood of great Bethany memories.
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